Cities will get smarter about transportation infrastructure needs, continue to rethink the use of downtown spaces and look at where data can help inform various operations, readers said.

In 2022, cities continued to grapple with optimizing streets and curb space, address the rising cost housing, prepare for more electric and autonomous vehicles, and work to strengthen resilience amid the effects of climate change. 2023 will bring additional federal funding to improve transportation and further momentum around trends like electric bike and car adoption, office-to-housing conversions and more. Smart Cities Dive asked readers to share how they think cities will evolve in 2023. Here’s a selection of responses we received:

The curb management market will continue to grow

“As we emerge from the pandemic, the new uses of the curb — restaurant seating, increased food and package delivery — have been in increasing conflict with the return of vehicle traffic, driven by both commuters and returning retail and entertainment consumers.

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