As the microgrid industry grows, more and more readers new to the technology come to Microgrid Knowledge looking to learn the basics. So today we’re taking a step back from our usual flow of industry news to offer a compendium of resources that answers five common questions about microgrids.

We offer short explanations for those looking for high level information, and, for those seeking a deeper dive, we provide links to articles, webinars, videos, white papers and special reports. Feel free to send this link to those you know who are beginning to explore microgrids. It might save you a lot of explaining!

1. What are microgrids?

Although microgrids have been around for decades, the technology has matured over the last 10 years and become an important part of energy plans that focus on reliability, sustainability and cost savings. Therefore, more and more people are hearing the term and asking, “What are microgrids?” Short answer: A microgrid is a local cluster of energy resources within a defined footprint, such as a building, campus or neighborhood. Microgrids keep the power flowing to nearby customers when the central grid fails. They also act as a tool to help energy customers manage costs, participate in energy prosperity and reduce carbon emissions. It’s hard to describe a typical microgrid because […]

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