According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the United States solar industry continues to set records. SEIA predicted that the country’s total installed solar capacity would more than quadruple by 2030, with annual installations reaching 45 GW. This growth has been driven by declining costs of solar technology, favorable government policies, and increasing demand for renewable energy sources.

FirmoGraphs monitors the lifecycle of large renewable projects from the date they enter utility regulator records to the start of construction and commercial operation. Data comes from industry news, and filings are from utility regulators in all states, including the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). In addition, we apply Business Intelligence tools to better analyze these projects for interested parties like U.S infrastructure consultants, engineers, contractors, and equipment suppliers.

Top 5 solar projects beginning construction in 2023 FirmoGraphs is tracking more than 100 very large solar projects starting construction in 2023 with […]