The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) recently released a draft rule change proposal that will require networks to improve the electricity grid to increase uptake of energy exports like solar and enable fairer pricing. The subsequent public debate has included misconceptions and some false accusations. ACOSS believes this package of reforms will go a long way to modernising the electricity rules and the electricity grid to help support a rapid and fair transition to a cleaner, more affordable and dependable energy for all.

As one of the rule change proponents, it’s important we provide some clarifying comments, and address a number of misconceptions up front.

  • This draft rule gives more choice to solar owners

Solar owners will not be forced to pay every time they export to the grid. The intention is to give solar owners more options as to how they manage solar exports. Solar owners could choose things like free exports up to a limit or paid premium services that guarantee export during busy times.

The reforms will address the export limits being imposed on more and more solar owners who are losing income, and will for the first time require networks to provide a guaranteed level of reliability for exports. Networks will also be […]