Marshall Worth, senior project manager AI at PowerSecure , discusses artificial intelligence and a practical approach that microgrid customers can take today to achieve their energy goals of the future.

“Alexa, reduce my energy costs!”

With as fast as technology has progressed over the last decade, and with the promise of self-driving cars on the horizon and the electrification of everything, it’s only natural to question when this is all going to filter into our everyday, energy consuming lives. In this device-driven age, shouldn’t we already have the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to reduce our carbon footprint today and our energy bill tomorrow? Those of us who work in the energy industry are fortunate; we are naturally driven to innovate and build the future of energy. However, it’s a bit ambitious to think that the same machine that drives our car and controls our thermostat today can also manage on-site generating assets.

So where is it already?

The ability to use smart generating assets to bring both the right types of technologies and economic benefits together is key to helping your customers achieve their energy goals. With a microgrid, reliability and autonomy are of the highest priority, no matter the […]