Between increased distributed generation adoption and growing electrification of buildings and transportation, the range of daily electric and gas energy demand and rate of change are increasing. Extreme weather events in Texas and California have also created supply challenges and demand pressure leading to system outages. Further, the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted utility program manager focus toward the residential segment as more time spent in the home moved the flow of gas and electricity toward single-family homes and multifamily dwellings. Thus, in 2021, utilities need to engage customers in strategic demand management to ensure grid reliability.

Wireless real-time energy management (WREM) is a cohesive tool for electric, gas, and water utility program managers looking to close the gap between grid need and end customers’ growing desire for energy control and home comfort. Inherent in the melding of utility and customer energy solutions through WREM is program managers’ ability to gain insight behind the meter. This granular knowledge is necessary for utilities seeking to engage residential customers in real time. Helping customers act in the moments that matter results in more meaningful grid impacts, a reduction in the cost to serve energy, and the ability to maximize the […]