Electric buses, delivery trucks and other fleet vehicles are like mobile microgrids that can help balance the grid, and their depots offer huge potential to reduce peak usage through demand response programs that also yield income. That’s the goal of CPower Energy Management, a distributed energy resource (DER) aggregator that recently partnered with Amply Power to provide resources for demand response programs.

Under the partnership, Amply manages electric fleet vehicle chargers to reduce their peak demand and provide value on-site. CPower provides services to the grid. CPower offers the fleets’ demand reduction as distributed energy resources to transmission and distribution grids, said Matthew Sachs, senior vice president of strategy and business development for CPower. In the first project, which will launch this summer, the partners will work with Logan Bus, the largest school bus provider for the New York City Department of Education, with Amply managing the company’s electric bus chargers and CPower offering demand response from the chargers to the grid during peak hours. “CPower is between the charging station and the grid so Amply can monetize the benefits they bring to the grid,” said Sachs.

Managing the draw of electric vehicles

As the move to transportation electrification continues, electric bus depots will create challenges for the grid through their power draws. It’s estimated that commercial fleets will increase to 8 million electric vehicles by 2030, boosting power consumption by […]

Photo courtesy of Amply