deX – the distributed electricity grid that lets you trade power with neighbours

A new, decentralised energy exchange (deX) allows households and businesses with solar assets to trade electricity with each other. deX offers a fundamental change in the way “ distributed energy ” is shared, stored, used and traded in Australia. A white paper on the topic by global energy technology company GreenSync, which created deX, shows how the government-backed system subsequently opens a new marketplace. This marketplace is one where solar power is traded among households, community organisations, businesses and utilities. Decentralisation demands a new distribution solution In today’s complex market, electricity is no longer generated and controlled by a handful of large operators. Distributed energy resources (DER) are playing an increasing role. DER can be households with rooftop solar systems, businesses with a solar array or a solar farm. Rapid increase in uptake of residential solar power as well as home battery storage demands a clear, price-based market where […]