With the establishment of EH Group Technologies Inc, based in California, EH Group is bringing its fuel cell technology to the USA. The new subsidiary has entered the CALSEED program, receiving a grant of $150,000 to enhance its concept.

The Lausanne-based cleantech startup, EH Group , is developing a patented fuel cell technology for both stationary and mobile applications to facilitate cost-effectively fuel cell solutions, particularly where high-power density performance is required. Building on its notable success, the startup is now strengthening its activities in the American market by launching a new subsidiary, EH Group Technologies Inc. The new company will develop an electrolyser system based on a radical new design and a transformative manufacturing technique that dramatically reduces costs. The subsidiary will also test an innovative electrolyser concept for the cheap production of CO2 free hydrogen and provide a platform to better serve EH Group’s North American clients who are keen to adopt cost-effective and high-performance fuel cell solutions.

In line with the announcement, the EH Group Technologies Inc. has been selected to join the 2020 cohort of the California Sustainable Energy Entrepreneur Development Initiative ( CalSEED ). CalSEED, administered by New Energy Nexus, is a $24m grant program created to help early-stage California clean energy startups bring their concepts and prototypes to market. The startup EH Group Inc. will receive a $150’000 grant to further work on its Electrolyser, and the opportunity to compete for a fixed grant of $450’000. “California is an acknowledged leader in the development of clean hydrogen solutions in the United States. EH Group views it as a key market for our hydrogen technologies, both with our core fuel cell systems and strong potential for electrolysers too. Whilst the challenge remains of replicating the breakthrough we have achieved on our fuel cell stacks […]