The role of the prosumer within the European energy transition is becoming more of a priority from all angles. And while this is being recognised by European policy – packages such as REPowerEU and the Green Deal for example provide a lot of momentum to advance energy communities and reap their potential benefits – more is certainly needed.

For according to Gonçalo Mendes, senior researcher at LUT University, Finland, experts estimate that by 2050, 83% of EU households could take active involvement in the energy system by utilising RES (Renewable Energy Sources) to spur decarbonisation and coordinating other actions – whether enrolment in virtual power plants (VPPs), buying into EVs, or making use of smart tech – to help support the grid. This same research shows that approximately half of the EU population could be producing their own electricity via renewables by 2052, not only at home but also in services through energy communities.

The potential of energy communities

Mendes presented these findings during a session held for European Sustainable Energy Week; ‘Energy Communities to drive the energy transition: Solutions, technologies and citizens’. The session explored the concept of energy communities and prosumers […]

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