What are the technology trends energy utilities need to know about as we enter 2022?

The energy transition is gathering pace with renewables taking a greater share of the energy mix, a rise in behind the meter innovation and a shift towards distributed energy and electric vehicles. But the energy transition must be supported by a transition in technology. Following a meeting with the IDC team at Enlit Europe, we returned to the research company’s in-depth analysis of the pandemic’s impact on IT strategy. We looked at what this means for Energy Sector technology. We’ve identified the 5 technology trends with the biggest impact for utilities and looked at how IT teams can leverage these trends to help their utilities meet the changing energy landscape.

Accelerate to Success (or Fight for Survival)

At the beginning of 2021, consultancy firm, IDC, analyzed the impact of the pandemic on organizations and the implications for IT strategy. In their analysis IDC noted that the pandemic was having a make-or-break impact on organizations, forcing them to ‘accelerate to success or fight for survival’. In a disrupted energy sector, utilities were facing this challenge well before the start of the pandemic. Digital transformation and innovation have been constant themes for several years. But many of the drivers of these changes, from the adoption of Distributed Energy Production to a more engaged energy consumer, have accelerated. Corporations and consumers are increasingly demanding renewable power with COP26 bringing the energy transition to the top of news feeds around the globe. There is a common denominator underpinning the technology trends affecting utilities today – data. More specifically, how to achieve data transparency and gain insights from real-time data. Here are the biggest 5 Energy Sector Technology trends and the strategies IT teams can use to […]

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