Five years were sufficient for the three founders of DEPsys to achieve a twofold miracle: take their company to the international level and build a tightly-knitted team with highly skilled coworkers coming from very diverse horizons. A rich anniversary far worth to celebrate. Thursday, September 27th, 2018, was a very special day for the whole team of DEPsys , leader on the smartgrid market, and particularly the three founders: Michael de Vivo , Joël Jaton and Guillaume Besson . Five years ago, the three HEIG-VD -graduated engineers jumped into the entrepreneurship journey by founding DEPsys with headquarters at HEIG-VD premises. Supported with enthusiasm by Mauro Carpita , PhD in Technical Sciences and Managing Director of the Energy and Power Systems Institute ( IESE ), they climbed very quickly the success ladder. In 2014, they moved to Yverdon Swiss Technopole ( Y-Parc ) to host their growing team.

And now, the company is based in Puidoux, supporting worldwide 30 clients and so with a multicultural staff of over 20 coworkers located in two European countries: Switzerland and Germany. >> Read the detailed story in this article published on September 27th, 2018, by our partner HEIG-VD . [in French] A fantastic growth of 20+% per year for this young company that brings a true innovation on the smartgrid market. Its founders have stuck to their intuition and environmental values to develop with their technology competences a unique product and solution, called GridEye . This comprehensive solution helps the Distribution System Operators (DSO) to face the infrastructure changes involved by the energy transition. GridEye ‘s distinctive feature is to offer in record time an unrivaled visibility and a real-time control of the entire power grid without the installation of further heavy equipment. The solution is today deployed in eight countries in Europe […]