Solar panels “Free Electrons” is a global accelerator program designed to expose energy startups with a working prototype to global network industry players. Selected startups will join the six months accelerator program in three modules in Silicon Valley, Lisbon/Dublin and Singapore. The program is co-organized by swissnex San Francisco. A global consortium of utilities and accelerators – including swissnex San Francisco – are launching the Free Electrons , a global accelerator program for energy startups to further refine their products and services, with the potential of testing and developing them to a global customer base of 73 million. The program will recruit startups that will drive the next generation of ideas in clean energy, energy efficiency, e-mobility, digitization, and on-demand customer services. “Opening up the utility world to the startups, providing them with a global customer base, accelerating deal execution with the utilities, that’s what Free Electrons is all […]