The standard includes technical design specifications that cover the system designs and data schemas for three core use case areas that would use blockchain in a decentralized ecosystem:

  • Vehicle-to-grid integration: allowing electric vehicles to share electricity with the power grid;
  • Tokenized carbon credits: enabling organizations to buy and sell digital tokens representing carbon offset credits;
  • Peer-to-peer applications: empowering electric vehicles to share power with each other.

The creation of the standard serves as a foundational step that will help spur new developments in the field, according to Vo. “Creating a blockchain-based standard for identifying vehicle and charging infrastructure permits each to be trusted, intelligent, and to securely transact with each other,” Vo said. “This two-way communication between vehicle battery storage and charging station enables smart grid management in a decentralized network. This is the foundation for complex optimization strategies and a greener energy future.” MOBI’s working group represented an array of interests in the field. Besides Honda and GM, the working group had support from Pacific Gas & Electric, the Polytechnic University of Turin, the IOTA […]

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picture : Pixabay/Joenomias