Climate Change is no longer about ifs and maybes, it’s all about the now. It is happening. Deal with it. But how? Grid edge data is the answer. Humans notice change. It’s a natural instinct. Primal even. When a phone rings or sounds around us change, we notice; when the breeze shifts direction, we notice; when the smell of garlic fills the air of a kitchen, we notice. Sometimes its blindingly obvious, other times its exceedingly subtle, but however big or small the change, our natural instinct kicks in. It’s telling us to be aware. Listen, feel, smell. Prepare for danger. So, have you noticed how the language being used to discuss climate change has changed recently?

“Predicted impacts have materialized. It’s all tied together”
– New York Times 11/4/18

“If there is one consistent message about climate change…it is that our planet’s
climate is changing and now is the time to avoid devastating impacts”
– CNN 11/27/18

The quotes above use a new urgency. We are now in a world of ‘is, has and ‘will.’ It’s happening. The science backs it up and it is our responsibility collectively to respond