Welcome to How AI Transform Business, a new series featuring insights from conversations with Microsoft partners who are combining deep industry knowledge with AI in novel ways and, in doing so, creating leading-edge intelligent business solutions for our digital age. Our first episode features eSmart Systems , which is in the business of creating solutions to accelerate global progress towards sustainable societies. Headquartered in the heart of Østfold county, Norway, eSmart Systems develops digital intelligence for the energy industry and for smart communities. The company is strategically co-located with the NCE Smart Energy Markets cluster and the Østfold University College and thrives in a very innovative environment. When it comes to next-generation grid management systems, or efficiently running operations for the connected cities of the future or driving citizen engagement, the company is at the forefront of digital transformation.

We recently caught up with Davide Roverso, Chief Analytics Officer at eSmart Systems. Davide has many interesting things to share about where and how AI is being applied in the infrastructure industry. Among other things, he talks about how utilities companies are forced to fly manned helicopters missions over live electrical power lines today, just to perform routine inspections, and how – using AI – it is possible to have safer and more effective inspections that do not expose humans to this sort of risk. Davide Roverso, Chief Analytics Officer, eSmart Systems, in conversation with Joseph Sirosh, Chief Technology Officer of Artificial Intelligence in Microsoft’s Worldwide Commercial Business. Video and podcasts versions of this session are available via the links below. Alternatively – just continue reading a transcript of their conversation below. Joseph Sirosh: Davide, would you tell a little about eSmart Systems and yourself? Davide Roverso: eSmart Systems is a small Norwegian startup, was established in 2013. The main […]