Technology is increasingly at the core of everything we do. From combating pollution to tackling food loss to improving access to health care, people are using technology to bridge gaps, bring people together, and facilitate collaboration to make systems more efficient. It’s that human connection and innovation that Verizon aims to foster through an approach the technology company calls “humanability.” Putting this “humanability” principle first, Verizon is supporting several incredible change-makers with amazing ideas to make the world better. For example, Verizon has met with customers and partnered with innovators across different industries to understand and assess their needs, and developed technological solutions to address them. In many cases, it’s about getting more information faster. For example, Verizon identified a gap in the pharmaceutical space between the need to track shipments in real-time to ensure quality and compliance with regulations and the technology most companies had to actually do this.

This led the company to become involved in developing sensor and tracking technology. Now that same technology is being used to empower people in various industries to create solutions that translate their ideas into reality, including fisherman and food distributors. Verizon’s network and sensor technology have helped companies improve food safety and prevent spoilage , helping to reduce food loss, using cold chain sensors to ensure better transport and handling. These sensors and information systems measure everything from temperature changes to humidity to location in real-time using sensors the size of a nickel. Verizon is also supporting the development of smart cities — like Sacramento, California — with similar technology. Using sensors and video monitors, the telecommunications company is helping the city find solutions to reduce traffic congestion, which in turn helps to reduce carbon emissions and pollution. Through it’s “humanability” approach, Verizon is turning dreamers into doers and […]