Global Power & Energy Elites spoke with Dr Manfred Reitenspieß, co-founder and leader of Business Development at GridData, about the challenges that scale-ups in the energy sector are facing, and their role in grid modernisation and the energy transition in general.

Often start-ups, scale-ups and small companies are the ones equipped with the innovative ideas and agile approaches critical to transforming the energy market; however, they are held back by many barriers keeping these concepts from being tested and commercialised. Lack of funding, proving the effectiveness of a business case and increased competition from companies that are already established in the sector are some of the factors hindering scale-ups.

One such European company that has successfully overcome these challenges and is becoming a force in the sector is the German smart grid company, GridData. In the following exclusive interview with Dr Reitenspieß, we discuss the rise of the company and the impact they are making in the energy sector. The European Commission approved the EU Horizon 2020 programme’s Net2DG project (Net2DG – 774145) which was submitted by GridData in cooperation with other European partners. In the course of the project, it was analysed how digitalisation and use of big data can help transform the European energy […]

Image: GridData