eSmart Systems’ Davide Roverso is featured in the very first episode of Microsoft’s new series How AI transform Business. Microsoft has recently released a new series on their Machine Learning Blog; How AI transform Business . The series features conversations with Microsoft partners who are combining deep industry knowledge with AI in novel ways and, in doing so, creating leading-edge intelligent business solutions for our digital age. In this episode Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of AI at Microsoft, and Davide Roverso, Chief Analytics Officer at eSmart Systems, discuss how AI is enabling a new breed of intelligent solutions that are transforming businesses. Among other things, Roverso shares his thoughts about how utilities today are forced to fly manned helicopters missions over live electrical power lines, and how – using AI – it is possible to have safer and more effective inspections that do not expose humans to this sort of risk. Read more at the Microsoft Machine Learning Blog.