The last time EEI estimated how many EVs would be on the road in 2030, the investor-owned utility trade group came up with 18.7 million. That was 2018, and since then estimates “have ticked up a little bit,” Kellen Schefter, EEI’s director of electric transportation and customer solutions, said. The 17.6% increase in expected EVs points to the need for a rapid rollout in charging infrastructure, say electrification experts, particularly in areas that may be lagging. More information on EEI’s EV sales forecasts and charging infrastructure estimates will be included in a paper expected out next year.

“What we’re hoping to accomplish here is to really bring together electric companies across the country to think beyond their service territories, into how they are filling in the gaps needed to support EV drivers on major travel corridors,” said Schefter. NEHC was formed by merging two existing groups — the Electric Highway Coalition and the Midwest Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Collaboration — and then opening participation up to EEI members. The roster now includes 51 IOUs, Kansas electric cooperative Midwest Energy, and the Tennessee Valley Authority. Participating IOUs are geographically […]

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