European system operators have proposed a set of indicators to monitor the evolution of smart grids at the distribution level.

The key performance indicators (KPIs) comprise seven for distribution system operators (DSOs) and one common for transmission and distribution operators. These were developed for Europe’s national regulatory authorities in response to EU Electricity Directive requirements for a new methodology to enable them to monitor infrastructure upgrades with smart grids, focussing on energy efficiency and the integration of renewable energies. The review identified six common challenges facing DSOs as cooperation in network operation and in network planning, exchange of information on long term planning of network investments and regarding generation and demand response for daily operation, cooperation for coordinated access to resources, and ensuring the secure and reliable development and operation of the networks.

The DSO KPIs that have been identified are as follows:

1 – System observability: To measure the capability to keep under ‘proper monitoring’ of the relevant nodes/lines of the grid.

2 – System controllability: To […]

Image: JRC