Microgrids – An Immediate Climate Solution

The decisions of policymakers today establish and design the markets of tomorrow. Technology catches up with —and often outpaces — policy, which means that policymakers today bear a great responsibility. They are charged with designing utility markets that are resilient, clean and equitable. This is a daunting task, but they do not have to act in isolation.

This vision paper marks the start of an educational campaign to help policymakers understand how microgrids provide unique solutions for the pressing challenges of our time. Speaking with a unified voice, Think Microgrid provides political leaders with the resources they need to understand how microgrid technologies work, what role they can play in achieving policy goals and how regulatory reforms can proactively address barriers that exist today.

We are dedicated to ensuring that communities are positioned to capture the benefits of microgrid technology: resilience, sustainability and cost savings. This vision paper is imbued with a spirit of collaboration, combining the real-world experience of companies leading the way to a safer, cleaner and more equitable energy future with practical and pragmatic strategies to modernize policy.

Policymakers and regulators do indeed bear a great responsibility, but they also have great opportunities. They do not need to act alone. Think Microgrid is dedicated to ensuring that they have the support they need to design the future that every community deserves. We hope this vision paper helps lead the conversations that will create the microgrid solutions we need today—and tomorrow.

Cameron Brooks, Executive Director, Think Microgrid