Itron has announced a sales and integration collaboration with Innowatts to deliver a comprehensive solution providing utilities with AI-driven data insights for predictive analytics. The solution will enable utilities to enhance customers’ energy experience and boost grid stability. Innowatt’s software solution will be coupled with detailed data from Itron’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution to enable electric utilities to achieve full value from their AMI investments. Innowatts’ data diagnostics and predictive analytics will also provide insights into customer usage behaviour for marketing, rate design and distribution planning purposes. For example, customers with optional loads can be targeted for voluntary Demand Response programmes based on weather and time sensitivity results delivered through the eUtility solution. Innowatts’s eUtility platform combines smart meter energy intelligence from utility customers with powerful machine-learning insights gleaned from more than 34 million meters around the world.

“Our software leverages Itron’s smart meter data along with a wide array of other variables to uncover accurate and actionable meter level insights,” said Eric Danziger, chief revenue officer at Innowatts. “This collaboration will allow electric utilities to take full advantage of their existing Itron network to unlock actionable new insights, predict customer consumption and generate important intelligence about customer energy usage behaviors.” “Through our […]