Big data and artificial intelligence is the answer

The promise of big data and artificial intelligence is everywhere. And, in all cases, so are the results. One almost gets the impression that there is no problem that cannot be solved with these new technologies. The answer to everything is ‘big data and artificial intelligence’. Open a web browser and you see advertising tuned to your latest online shopping. Turn on the TV and you see advertisements about how our leading IT providers are using big data and artificial intelligence to address social, economic and environmental challenges. Two extremes of direct application of big data and artificial intelligence.

The tools used to derive timely, actionable insight to both the biggest and the most mundane challenges have certainly hit the mainstream. Using these tools has direct application to the smart grid. They can be used to increase reliability, improve operational efficiency, reduce energy loss, increase fair energy supply by reducing fraud and theft, identify illegal use of energy, enable other green energy initiatives, such as distributed generation, energy storage, and electric vehicles, and focus restoration by sociological and business priorities. The piece which is often left out on all the buzz is where is all this data coming from and how it gets to the big data and artificial intelligence platforms. We know it ends up in data lakes and data marts, but where is this data created, […]