A recent post on the Veolia blog explores the importance of AI in modern facility management. What do our future smart buildings look like? If there is one thing we know from working in smart buildings, it is how rapidly technology advances. Consequently, the building management space can be difficult to predict; however, there are developing trends that will continue to grow over time within the industry. The future of building and facility management is strongly moving in the direction of integrating more and more AI (artificial intelligence) into operations. With the constant directive to deliver greater levels of performance, it is crucial to stay ahead of the technology to continue delivering cost-effective, efficient, and high performing operations. Below are forward looking trends that could potentially unlock increased performance in building management.

From smart home to smart office

AI is already prevalent in modern households with smart home products like Nest, Alexa, and app-connected household appliances like vacuums; it’s only a matter of time before residents will expect the same experience in their workplace. The “internet of things” technologies that power the smart office offer a variety of potential benefits for facility managers. As a result, technology implementations will challenge the industry to acquire new skills and expertise in areas such as cybersecurity. Successful organizations are meeting this challenge by increasing collaboration between operations and IT teams so that both groups understand each other’s needs and capabilities. Building on this trend, we are already seeing applications of voice control interfaces for energy managers, property managers, and tenants […]