Widespread digital transformation in the utility sector has enabled companies to accelerate the development of new sustainable energy systems. To reach the desired endpoint, utility companies must adapt to new requirements for more automation, business agility, large volume data processing, faster access to data for analytics and monitoring, and improved security. Companies that fail to achieve this end up paying in increased work hours, inefficient processes, and data duplication and inconsistencies.

Utility companies must strive to achieve higher levels of quality when collecting and analysing data. Almost all (98%) of utility companies expressed a desire to transform their data into insight, yet many businesses struggle to ensure that the base quality of the data remains high.

What is data quality and why is it important?

Most utility businesses have adopted some form of technology to improve operational efficiency and gain insight into their customers’ usage habits. However, this data is often of low quality, containing errors, empty values, improper conversions, or outdated information. As seen below, when data is collected, it is often presented in its raw form without any context. Business leaders need context to […]

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Image credit: Greenbird