An auditing system, clean energy loan fraud and biomass traceability are among the novel blockchain use cases currently emerging.

With a majority of energy sector blockchain developments focussed on use cases such as peer-to-peer and renewables trading and electric vehicle operations, here are three emerging outside the mainstream – and each with developers who are new to the sector.

E-audit in Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s national power utility Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) has entered into an agreement with blockchain developer Fantom for the digitalisation and implementation of advanced audit software within DABS’s operations. Under a memorandum of understanding Fantom will build a pilot incorporating its blockchain capabilities within an ERP suite to demonstrate a sample database migration, a blockchain-based audit system and a CRM platform. With the blockchain, the aim is to ensure complete transparency and auditability throughout the meter-to-cash cycle and internal business processes. On completion of the pilot, DABS and Fantom expect to proceed to formal contract agreements and a long-term business relationship. Fantom was developed to provide enterprise blockchain services, with its differentiator a high speed consensus mechanism named Lachesis aimed to bring speed and scalability to the solution.

Clean energy loan fraud in US

California-based Spring Labs has developed a solution to tackle the problem of fraud in the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) loan market in the US. PACE loans are a government-supported mechanism for financing energy efficiency and renewable energy […]