How has COVID-19 affected the Italian and European smart gas metering market and how will the market evolve post-pandemic? Max Ambrosi and Francesco Fortuna, representatives from Pietro Fiorentini, share their insights in this exclusive interview with Smart Energy International.

Max Ambrosi, portfolio leader downstream and retail and Francesco Fortuna, Europe’s regional sales manager, both at Italian-based multinational energy metering solutions company Pietro Fiorentini, presented the top five trends that are likely to shape the European smart gas metering market in the next five years.

Smart gas metering market trends

1. Increase in smart meter installations

With the COVID-19 pandemic having caused many smart gas meter rollout projects to be postponed, the number of installations is expected to rise extensively post-pandemic as companies rally to meet installation targets set by both the government and the European Commission, according to Fortuna. In Italy alone, Fortuna expects gas utilities to pull up their rollout sleeves as the companies seek to equip all of their customers with smart meters. The increase will be driven by the regulatory pressure coming from state and regional governments. For instance, the EU Directive for gas companies to install smart metering under efforts to improve consumer energy […]

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