Virtual Power Plants: Coming Soon to a Grid Near You

Virtual power plants (VPPs) are growing in popularity and helping shape the grid of the future, as explained in the second installment of a new Microgrid Knowledge Special Report series about VPPs and distributed energy management systems (DERMS). Download the full report. Before the 2016 elections in the Philippines, officials worried about the potential for blackouts due to problems integrating solar energy into the grid. Oversupply had been triggering outages, and the system needed ancillary services — especially frequency regulation — to keep electricity flowing, according to local press reports. The Philippines is not alone in facing challenges due to renewable energy oversupply on the grid. In the U.S., Hawaii, Arizona, the Pacific Northwest, Texas and California have experienced challenges; so have Australia, Germany, Chile, the UK and other countries. For example, Arizona Public Service plans a “ reverse demand response ” program to avoid the curtailment of too […]