Blockchain has continued to mature and evolve with its growing use in the energy sector during the past year.

While the number of blockchain projects in the energy sector around the world is not known, in round terms we can put it upwards of 400 with around 300 vendors, based on Guidehouse Insights’ latest vendor and deployment tracker. Guidehouse Insights reports tracking 385 total energy blockchain projects and 286 unique vendors since 2012. According to the analyst, deployments peaked in 2018 with growth slowing subsequently. And for the record, the top use cases are transactive energy and guarantees of origin, with the former accounting for almost one-fifth of the deployments. Trends observed by Smart Energy International during 2021 include the continued evolution of blockchain as a technology and its further maturing from piloting to the mainstream with the longstanding players continuing to strengthen their market presence. As examples, Energy Web upgraded the EW Chain and launched an initiative with Parity Technologies to enable blockchain customisation , and Australia’s Powerledger launched […]

Image credit: Monsit Jangariyawong ©