Since the creation of Guidehouse Insights’ Energy Blockchain Project Tracker in 2012, transactive energy (TE) and certificates of origin (COOs) have remained as the use cases with the most projects tracked. Overall, most energy blockchain projects utilize blockchain for grid improvements and efficiencies applications, such as TE, COO, asset ownership financing, or grid balancing and management. Supply chain management (SCM) has emerged as an interesting application within the energy sector with its own subset of blockchain vendors and end users.

SCM projects employ blockchain to track materials or assets or validate transactions along an energy-related supply chain. This application and corresponding projects are particularly interesting considering recent supply chain challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

Many supply chain challenges can be solved by blockchain. Supply chains struggle with securely and efficiently tracking and trading assets throughout production. Additionally, supply chains are complex, involving multiple stakeholders that require access to logistics information but often do not share the same data collection and distribution processes. Blockchain offers a single, trusted database of truth and transparency while allowing multiple stakeholders to share and access validated information. Similarly, as blockchain-based platforms […]